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Simply Fast Smiles  is designed for people wanting  to straighten only their front teeth. This applies to adults aged 18+.  We’ve treated many people in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

We do not, our esthetic alternative are Invisible Aligners.

Advances in archwire technology allow braces to comfortably and quickly move your teeth.  Invisible aligners use aligner material that gently flexes against your teeth for safe and fast movement.

Every person’s pain tolerance is different.   All teeth experience some discomfort upon initial movement (usually less with Invisible Aligners). 

No.  Since treatment time is less and fewer office visits are necessary the cost is about 50% less than traditional orthodontics.

No.  Extractions are necessary in more severe cases which are beyond the scope of Simply Fast Smiles.

With braces about every 4-8 weeks, with Invisible Aligners about every 10.

Yes!  No matter how teeth are moved, they have excellent memory and will want to return to their original positions.  We use clear, tight fitting retainers that need to be worn long-term while you sleep.

Teeth must be healthy and clean for effective movement.  A cleaning and checkup by your dentist within the last year is a requirement for Simply Fast Smiles treatment.

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