Simply Fast Smiles Offers

Two Types of Treatment and Whitening

Invisible Aligners

Clear, removable “aligners” fit comfortably over your teeth.  The clear aligner material flexes against your teeth and moves them gently, quickly and accurately.


Barely noticeable, comfortable and fast. Remember, its only about 6 months!

Professional Whitening

Why not put a shine on that new smile? Whitening can be achieved while using Invisible Aligners and for braces patients after treatment.

Who is a candidate?

Simply Fast Smiles is ideal for adults (18+) of all ages, with mildly crooked, spaced or misaligned front teeth.

Many people  want to straighten their front teeth only in an affordable, non-complicated way.  Changes to your bite or jaw size take time and more costly, orthodontic procedures.  Simply Fast Smiles is a program designed to move your front teeth only.  Minor crowding or gaps between your teeth can be corrected safely, comfortably and conveniently in about 6 months, either with Invisible Aligners or braces, your choice.


Its never too late to get your teeth straight!


Invisible Aligners




Professional Whitening


Simple Payment Options


1) Pay in full up front and receive a 3% discount

2) Make a $300 down payment and monthly’s as low as $138

3) Zero down payment options are available through Care Credit

Your Smile is a Lasting Lifetime Investment

Complimentary Consultation


For a complimentary consultation to see if you qualify


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