Tooth Photography!

In order to start your SimplyFastSmiles® Treatment Plan, we need to do a "virtual" consultation with you. Our virtual consultation is as simple as four photos taken on a smart phone. The doctor will evaluate the photos and let you know if you are are a candidate for SimplyFastSmiles®


A Few Tips:

  • Use an iPhone or equivalent camera
  • Turn the Flash "On"
  • Take photos during the day with plenty of light
  • Sit upright in a kitchen table chair
  • Make sure your lips aren't obstructing your teeth
  • Double-Check the photos for clarity before submitting



1. Front View

Have your companion sit knee to knee with you and take the pic as shown below.  Saying the letter “E” will help pull your lips apart so your teeth show clearly.



2. Top View

Stay in same position, tip your head back and open your jaw wide, don’t say “E” here,  just tip your head back and open wide.


3. Bottom View

Again, same seated position, tip your head downward and open wide.






4. Side View

Your helper  now needs to move to your side as shown below.  Say “E” again pulling your lips back as hard as you can.