How It Works


Custom, invisible tooth moving aligners are made from a 3D scan (gone are goopy impressions in most cases) of your teeth. The scan is linked to advanced software programs controlled by the doctor that digitally straighten your teeth. Aligners are made from these digital images using 3D printing technology. You'll change them weekly until the goal position is achieved. The precise nature of this remarkable new technology allows most smiles to be transformed in six months or less

Step 1: Get Acquainted

Either schedule a new patient appointment with one of our orthodontic practices or save precious time by taking our SmileTest® and communicating virtually with the doctor via e-mail. 

Step 2: Get Your Plan

We’ll take a 3D tooth scan or an impression, several orthodontic x-rays and photographs of your teeth. The orthodontist will review your specific concerns and create a unique treatment plan just for you.  

Step 3: Get Straight

The invisible aligners will guide your teeth into the goal position, most cases finish in six months or less. They are easily removed to eat and clean your teeth. Whitening gel is included to brighten your smile as it straightens.  Your orthodontic team will support and guide you at every stage.

Finally, a new high-tech process from your orthodontist that is convenient, effective and affordable.

The Costs

Up to 50% less than traditional treatment!

Invisible aligner treatment is faster and simpler in qualified cases. Less treatment time means less office visits, which means less cost. Your doctor will carefully review your case and quote a fee based on your goals and case complexity. You may expect to save up to 50% off traditional treatment! All offices offer flexible financing and monthly payment plans.

Costs Include

  • Doctor exam with orthodontic X-rays and a 3D tooth scan

  • Orthodontist directed aligner fabrication and treatment

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Retainers

  • Coaching from your expert orthodontic team